Read the latest news items and watch the latest video blogs from Rhydian himself!

Big Hello from Sydney!

A message from Rhydian who is taking in the sights after his arrival in Sydney. A special backdrop to a video blog!

Greetings from down under!

A video message from Australia where Rhydian was recently a groom at his best friend's wedding. Happy holidays!

On tour and back stage

Rhydian takes time out from his sound check to send a message to fans from back stage on his current tour with Richard and Adam.

It's Showtime this weekend!

A message from Rhydian before he leaves for Wales for what is an important family weekend.

Album title, release date and tour news

A message from Rhydian, whilst on holiday in Mallorca, to fill us in on news of his upcoming album and tours.

Can you think of an album title?

Rhydian takes time out from his busy recording schedule to send us a video message.

A day out with the stars!

Find out all about Rhydian's exciting day yesterday.

Late night catch-up with Rhydian!

Rhydian has an informal video chat to his fans as he winds down after a late performance in Cardiff.