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Check out the new video for Wicked Game from the album The Long Road!

Rhydian's newest album 'The Long Road' - released on 12th September 2017

Rhydian said in the album folder, "I hope these recordings stir up emotions and give you an exciting musical experience that you can be proud of. I'm here to serve you the listener and it is my utter priviledge to do so.

A recently remixed and remastered version of this album, including a new duet of the Dreamgirls classic, 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going', with Jonathan Ansell, is now available to buy.

This album is now available on all platforms, including SPOTIFY.

Coinciding with the broadcast of his own television series on the Welsh language channel, S4C, Rhydian released Caneuon Cymraeg in December 2011.
The lilt of the language enhances the emotion he injects into every track, from the haunting opening with "Rhywbeth O'i Le" (There's Something Wrong), to the more upbeat "Yn Ei Llygaid Hi" (In Her Eyes) and the rousing "Yma O Hyd" (Still Here) made famous by Dafydd Iwan.
It is the perfect showcase for Rhydian's voice, and includes well known songs which he has sung previously in English, such as "Dyrchefir Fi" (You Raise Me Up) and "Rhywle" (Somewhere) as well as the emotive "Fe Ddof I Adre'n ol" (I'm Coming Home Again).

On 8th June 2014, to coincide with the start of the World Cup, Rhydian released a unique recording of the famous 'Pearl Fishers Duet', singing both the tenor and baritone parts of the song.The single also contains the previously unreleased song 'Per Sempre' and exclusive video content. The track also appears on the album 'One Day Like This' which featured at the top of the UK Classical Album Chart for ten consecutive weeks.

Speaking about the recording Rhydian said "The Pearl Fishers Duet is the single most influential song for me as it was this song that made me want to become a professional singer. I was moved to tears when I first heard the melody when I was 14 upon seeing the opera 'The PearlFishers'. I went to see it with my mum on her request. I was a rugby player so didn't really want to be seen at the opera with my mum, but it was one of the best decisions of my life as it ignited the flame of passion for beautiful music that burns bigger and brighter today than ever before. This song should be heard by everyone, opera lover or not, it will move and captivate you. I believe it's the new Nessun Dorma!"

On release the album 'One Day Like This' stormed to No1 in the Classical Charts and held the top spot for 10 consecutive weeks, becoming one of the highest selling classical albums of 2014.

Working with the Orchestra of St. John and producer Ben Robbins, Rhydian delivered a record that in sounds and repertoire ranges from pure classical to full Technicolour cinematic renditions of contemporary crossover songs – songs such as Nights In White Satin, The Blower’s Daughter and Danny Boy. Also appearing on the album are Bonnie Tyler, Kerry Ellis and The Edmondson Sisters.

Says Rhydian: "This album has an epic feel. I wanted it to have that wide screen quality you get with the best movie soundtracks. I want it to be mesmerising and inspiring, full of passion and exciting all your emotions. Love, romance, hope, despair, faith, and the joy of being alive are all in there. There are some deeply personal choices like The Pearl Fishers duet by Bizet. I’m duetting with myself as a baritone and tenor, which sounds unusual, but I think really works well. The aria is close to my heart as it inspired me at the age of 14 to become a singer."

The album release was supported by a UK tour.

Message from Rhydian about the release of this EP: "Hi Everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce that in celebration of this years Rugby World Cup, I have recorded and co-produced a 5 track EP which is available to download NOW!! The EP features the Rugby World Cup Theme song World in Union, Bread Of Heaven and a rousing rendition of my national anthem ‘Land Of My Fathers’ sung as a duet with Shan Cothi!

I wanted to show you my songwriting capabilities on this recording so I’m delighted that two of the songs, Come On Ye Faithful and Take Me Home were co written and are brand new songs for the Rugby World Cup.
As many of you know, I used to play rugby and am a huge fan of the sport so now I hope I can convert you all into loving the magical game through hearing these great songs!
Love Rhydian"

Official Music Videos

The Impossible Dream 04:06
The lead track of his eponymous debut album 'Rhydian', which rapidly reached double platinum status.
O Fortuna 02:30
The title track from Rhydian's second album, O Fortuna. The album was nominated for 'Album of the year' at the Classic Brits in 2010.
Parade 03:41
Parade was the lead track from Rhydian's third album 'Waves', a diversion into 80's New Wave pop.
Nights in White Satin 04:34
The lead track from Rhydian's fifth album, 'One Day Like This' which stayed at No 1 in the Classical Charts for 10 weeks.
Pearl Fishers Duet 4.44
Official music video for The Pearl Fishers Duet which was released as a single.
Wicked Game 4.46
Official Music Video for Rhydian's interpretation of the stunning Chris Isaak song, Wicked Game.
Performance Images
Track Selection
Some of our favourite tracks from Rhydian's albums
Album Record

Who Wants To Live Forever
Album Record

Album Record

Hands To Heaven
Album Record

Vivo Per Lei (feat. Kerry Ellis)
Album Record

World In Union
Album Record

The Sound Of Silence