Forum Rules

This site is here to offer a friendly and fun place for supporters of Rhydian.

Using our forums will be taken as an acceptance of the following rules:

Members’ Status

Each person may have only one membership and one user ID. Duplicate identities are expressly prohibited. Any member found to have multiple identities will have their membership cancelled. Only one person may use each membership. Please do not allow other people to share your user name and account.

Each person who comes onto the site does so as a guest of the site owner. You enjoy, as a privilege, whatever the site owner may provide for you. You do not have a ‘right’ to be here. We expect everyone to behave politely and with respect for each other. As long as your posts onto the forums make a positive contribution to exchanging information and views, they will be welcome. If your posts are rude, disrespectful of others or disruptive, your membership can be cancelled and your posts can be deleted.

It is against forum rules to adopt a persona other than your own to mislead other members.

If you are aware that someone has multiple identities or has adopted a fake persona please report the matter to the Moderators.
Being complicit in such activity puts your own account at risk.
Using a proxy server is also forbidden. Such activity puts your account at risk of deletion.

If you post videos/information/reports/photographs/press articles etc on the forum, please make the source of your information clear by providing links.

Conduct in the Forum

As this is a private site please be aware that any reproduction of content from our forum is not allowed without the permission of the Author and The Site Owner.

Members of Rhydian's family are regular visitors to this site. Bear in mind that they and Rhydian may read your posts. Please respect his personal life and do not post anything which might offend or cause distress.

If you have a complaint or a problem with some other third party, such as another website or a service-provider, please complain directly to them. Excessive negativity in the forums depresses everyone.

This forum has a membership made up of fans from all over the world, of all ages and all walks of life. Please write in normal English and do not post messages in "text" speak which many people find difficult to decipher and/or understand.

Please do not post in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. This is the internet version of shouting and may make it difficult to read or be irritating to some posters.
If you are concerned about someone else’s posting and believe it goes against the guidelines for the forum, you can report the fact by using the private message facility to contact one of the Moderating team whose names appear in red or green on the Index page. All such communications will be treated confidentially.

Sales and Services

The use of RR for the promotion, advertising and sale of goods or services is strictly forbidden other than concert ticket exchanges (only allowed within the designated thread) and Charity promotions in aid of Rhydian's favourite charities. Links to commercial or sales websites should not be posted.

Posting Guidelines

Unsuitable threads which the Webmaster/Moderators deem to be of a controversial or sensitive nature, leading to negative and heated discussions, will be removed.

Please try and avoid editing your posts after they have been responded to by other members. This tends to disrupt threads. If you would like a post to be deleted please contact one of the moderating team via private message.

Child Friendly Boards: There are many members here between the ages of 10 and 18. Please do not post any topic or reply which may be unsuitable for this age group. It is an indication of the community spirit here that young people sometimes use the forum to seek help and advice. We ask you to take care when offering advice to someone who is still legally a minor (under 18). We strongly recommend that any advice be limited to encouraging young members to discuss personal problems with a parent, guardian or other trusted adult such as a teacher or medical practitioner.

The Site and its administrators are not responsible or liable for any opinion, information or advice given by members either on the forum boards or by personal messenger.

Private Messages

Messages sent to the Webmaster/Moderator via the PM (Private Message) system containing threatening, abusive or explicit language will not be tolerated under any circumstances and may result in withdrawal of private message facilites.

In order to ensure compliance with these guidelines, membership may be withdrawn at any time.

The website team may edit, move or delete posts and threads without explanation. The decisions of the website team are final.