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World In Union 2015 (EP)
Released to coincide with the 2015 Rugby World Cup which was played in England and Wales.

Album Description

Message from Rhydian about the release of this EP: "Hi Everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce that in celebration of this years Rugby World Cup, I have recorded and co-produced a 5 track EP which is available to download NOW!! The EP features the Rugby World Cup Theme song World in Union, Bread Of Heaven and a rousing rendition of my national anthem ‘Land Of My Fathers’ sung as a duet with Shan Cothi!

I wanted to show you my songwriting capabilities on this recording so I’m delighted that two of the songs, Come On Ye Faithful and Take Me Home were co written and are brand new songs for the Rugby World Cup.
As many of you know, I used to play rugby and am a huge fan of the sport so now I hope I can convert you all into loving the magical game through hearing these great songs!
Love Rhydian"


World In Union 2015 1.52
Rugby World Cup Promo Video by Rhydian