Welsh Songs
Welsh Songs (Caneuon Cymraeg) was released in December 2011 to coincide with the broadcast of Rhydian's television series on the Welsh language channel, S4C.


Album Description

Coinciding with the broadcast of his own television series on the Welsh language channel, S4C, Rhydian released Caneuon Cymraeg in December 2011.
The lilt of the language enhances the emotion he injects into every track, from the haunting opening with "Rhywbeth O'i Le" (There's Something Wrong), to the more upbeat "Yn Ei Llygaid Hi" (In Her Eyes) and the rousing "Yma O Hyd" (Still Here) made famous by Dafydd Iwan.
It is the perfect showcase for Rhydian's voice, and includes well known songs which he has sung previously in English, such as "Dyrchefir Fi" (You Raise Me Up) and "Rhywle" (Somewhere) as well as the emotive "Fe Ddof I Adre'n ol" (I'm Coming Home Again).