In this album Rhydian shifts focus and gives us an album of covers from the New Wave era.


Album Description

Waves became Rhydian's third consecutive top 40 hit and saw him change direction and shift focus, harnessing the power and innate theatricality of his vocal delivery. Feted by The Independent newspaper as one of the best ten cover albums ever recorded, it exudes the same sense of fun and drama that characterized the New Wave era. Ian McNabb of Icicle Works added, "He's a terrific singer and a proper pop star. He's kept it really up beat and poppy and it sounds like a hit all over again. Power on"

At the time of its release in 2011 Rhydian said, “I’m a singer, not a songwriter, and what I do is interpret and communicate songs that I love. This new album fits really well with the music that my fans know already and I think they are going to love this too."


Parade 3.41
Official video for Parade, the lead track of the New Wave inspired album, Waves.