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Tamoxifen is used for treating breast cancer that has spread to other sites in the body.

Tamoxifen hexal 20 mg kaufen 0.2 pramoxifen tetracycline vaginal gel contraceptive cream intramuscular pill levonorgestrel intrauterine device low dose iron 1.25 mg vitamin K 2 niacin 200 mg zinc 400 omega-3 fatty acids DHEAS Folate FSH progesterone estradiol estrogen IUI ovarian cystoscopic sterilisation intrauterine device LNG vasectomy Mirena progesterone implant oocyte donor treatment Pyrimethamine anti-cancer drugs Raloxifene oral contraceptives Thalidomide antiepileptic drugs Vasopressin barbiturates Hormonal contraceptives Hormone replacement therapy IVF is recommended after 10 – 30 weeks gestation in patients known to be at risk, so the patient can start on this treatment well in advance of embryo transfer, before implantation, without any additional risk. Treatment of the first Trimester Pregnant women at high risk All women with severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome or unexplained abnormal uterine bleeding are likely to benefit from treatment with progestins or progestogen-only preparations, treatment with two or more low dose progestins. The indications are: women who are in early pregnancy (8 weeks, 12 weeks or 16 weeks). other women whose treatment with oral contraceptives has failed. women who do not tolerate oral contraceptives and who cannot take them regularly. Progesterone-only preparations are given as an implant or injection under the nails in arm. If you have been taking oral contraceptives and feel they may interfere with the treatment you can try them without taking regularly. The tablets should be changed and taken daily, with an easy-to-swallow pill and injection or a transdermal application if needed. After six or twelve weeks of treatment no contraceptive may be required again. This have been as little 1 tablet daily for six weeks, or longer. Progesterone-only treatments do not usually involve the administration of additional medicines. This includes other medicines that can be prescribed for women who do not tolerate oral contraceptives (eg, antibiotics or antihistamines). However, it is always important to discuss the possibility of using medicines with the prescribing doctor. medicine is available on prescription only in a 'consultation only' form. How is progesterone treated? Treatment consists of: a progestogen (progestin): the tablets a progestogen-only (progestogen or progestogen-only, progesterone-only) injection tablet preparation. The progestogen-only pill, which is usually taken one tablet daily with your regular pill, is preferred, if taking regular oral contraceptives. The progestogen only injection is administered under the skin. progestogen-only tablet is sometimes used in combination with the injection. the combination of an intramuscular injection, combined oral contraceptive tablet, progestogen vaginal cream or an intramuscular tablet (if there are no local complications). For women who are older than 65 years of age there is now generally advised that a progestogen only injection, combined oral contraceptive tablet, progestogen vaginal cream or intramuscular tablet may be administered, or a progestogen under the nails may be used in combination with progestagen under the nails. intramuscular treatment is preferred in women aged 65 and over. Progestogen is most suitable for first-time (progesterone-only) pregnancies which no cause has been identified; it is therefore suggested that if the patient is taking oral contraceptives for the first time they should do this for 6 months with no discontinuation. As progestogen does not have to be combined with a progestogen-only preparation for use in patients who are breastfeeding, it is not an appropriate option for all patients. Progesterone Intramuscular tablets include the following: Progestogen vaginal cream: is indicated for all women with abnormal uterine bleeding, particularly patients with endometriosis or severe obesity. Progestogen vaginal cream contains a combination of 0.015% progestogen and ethynylestradiol. The vaginal cream is indicated for the treatment of endometriosis and/or obesity. There are two types of progesterone vaginal cream: the progesterone-only cream contains only 0.015% progesterone and ethynylestradiol is indicated for use in women who are not being treated with oral contraceptives. The combined progesterone-only vaginal cream contains 0.015% progesterone and ethynylestradiol in a combination preparation for use in patients who canada drug rehab cost are being treated with oral contraceptives and are taking the combined progestogen-only tablet.

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